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To install BooShop theme, you must have a working WordPress site. It works on any version of WordPress 4.0.x.x. If you have trouble with WordPress installation, read this tutorial

There are 2 ways to install BooShop theme:

  1. Via WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Via FTP

Via WordPress Admin

1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New

add-new-theme2. Choose file. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme.

3. Active BooShop theme



1. Log in into your site’s FTP through a FTP Client

2. Navigate to :/wp-content/themes/, extract and upload Booshop folder here.

3. After the uplad is complete go to  Appearance > Themes into your admin area, you will see Booshop theme there, hit Activate to activate Booshop.